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Hello World!

My name is Pascal. I'm a student in Machine Learning and Data Analytics always looking for exciting Data Science projects. Feel free to check out some of my projects, learn more about me or to connect.


When I was doing my bachelor program at Aalen University in the field of Internet of Things, I discovered my passion for the subject area of Data Science. Since then, I have been trying to expand my knowledge in this area. Fortunately for me, I was already able to prove my knowledge in some real-world use cases in industry.

Artificial Intelligence

I really enjoy the field of Machine Learning. I was also able to learn a lot about this during my studies. As an intern and bachelor student at BMW and as a working student at Mercedes-Benz, I was already able to improve exciting tasks using common machine learning and deep learning approaches.

Machine Learning
Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Since I got more involved with Machine Learning, I know how important it is to have a good database. I really like to learn new use cases to be able to generate new knowledge from existing data. Recently, I have gained more experience with processing big amounts of data, which allows me to face new challenges.

Cloud and Edge Computing

Due to the large volumes of data, the path to Cloud Computing is usually unavoidable. Nevertheless, I find the topic of Edge Computing and a hybrid solution for both technologies very interesting. In my opinion, my bachelor's degree in Internet of Things prepared me very well for this.

Cloud Computing
Web Development

Web Development

I have also been interested in minimalist design and web development a lot since I started my studies. Hopefully my website reflects these interests. Especially in the field of Data Science it is inevitable to visualize new knowledge in a suitable way. A perfect field of work for me.


In the following you will find a few projects of mine, which I have worked on in my spare time or in the context of a study subject. I have deliberately chosen projects from different fields to reflect my versatile insights into a wide variety of topics. However, my current focus is on Data Science projects.

May I tell you more about me?

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