Pascal Schlaak | Project 2

Activity based vehicle charging

In this lecture our task was to build an user interface within an Internet of Things (IoT) use case. For that matter we had to build an interdisciplinary team consisting of at least one IoT-design student. However our IoT-design partner quit her education whereby we needed to design everything by ourselfs.

The idea we finally realized was an user interface by which an electric car driver can easily find a charging station. Our added value should be a search algorithm to find the best charging station suited for the current situation. Existing systems observe purely technical aspects needed for charging a car. Same applies for filters within the applicatons. We wanted to recognice the drivers and passengers needs by user inputs i.e. if a person needs to go to the toilet our systems pays attention and looks for a suitable charging station. For displaying this informations in a car we use car interfaces like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

At the top the user should be able to specify his situation by non technical situational requirements. This can be done by selecting a filter everyone should be able to personalize. Multiple filter can be selected to find the best charging station. At the bottom suitable charging stations are listed to get informations about them. At first only technical information will be shown. For further information the user needs to click on a charging station to get all details.

Landing page with personal filters and suited charging stations

At this view every detail is shown to the user this means technical parameters and situation dependent requirements depending on the selected filters.

Detail view of suites charging stations

For our final pitch we developed a web based prototype to show working parts of the functionality.




Illustrator, InDesign, JavaScript, JQuery


Joachim Kull


June 4, 2018